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DTP and Ab Ovo Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform the Rail, Aviation, and Retail Industries

Dubai, United Arab Emirates–DTP and Ab Ovo are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that brings together their cutting-edge solutions and expertise to revolutionize the rail, aviation, and retail industries. The collaboration aims to provide comprehensive planning and optimization solutions, enabling businesses to reduce their overall costs and be more sustainable.

DTP, a leading technology solutions provider based in the Middle East and North Africa region, has been at the forefront of the aviation industry since its establishment in 2004. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, DTP’s aviation platform, tNexus, has helped airports, airlines, and ground handlers overcome their most significant challenges in airport operations. Trusted by major airlines and airports globally, DTP’s solutions positively impact over 114.6 million passengers each year.

Ab Ovo, a leader in the logistics industry with a strong presence in Europe and North America, is committed to supporting supply chain and logistics companies in driving efficiency, informed decision-making, and sustainability.  Both companies are also partners of Dassault Systèmes and often use the DELMIA Quintiq solution to provide value to their clients. 

The first joint venture under this partnership has already commenced in the rail industry, where the two companies are working together on a project for a prominent client. Mr. Abdul Razzak Mikati, Managing Director of DTP, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration marks an important milestone in our journey to redefine industry standards and create lasting impacts in the rail, aviation, and retail markets. Together with Ab Ovo, we are confident that our joint expertise will pave the way for more efficient, data-driven, and customer-centric solutions.”

Mr. Willem Jan Groenewoud, CEO of Ab Ovo, shared the enthusiasm, “Ab Ovo is driven by our passion for logistics and supply chain optimization. Partnering with DTP expands our reach, enabling us to offer expertise to rail, aviation, and retail industries, bringing comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to excel.”

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