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Holistic View of the Airport Status in the Palm of Your Hand

tNexus Airport View is a mobile application that acts as the information backbone and communication platform for all airport stakeholders.

A mobile app designed for common situational awareness, collaboration, and smarter decision-making

Airport operations is a complex web of interconnected activities. The airport operations control center (AOCC) may be the nerve center of an airport, but many functions outside of it are just as integral to the smooth running of an airport. Information unrelated to flights, such as those from facilities management and emergency response, are also crucial to an efficient day-to-day operations.

How can you make sure that your entire airport community acts as a coordinated and unified whole? How can you equip your team with the right information to make informed decisions, no matter where they are?

tNexus Airport View

With tNexus Airport View, you can provide all your stakeholders with the same critical and valuable information available within the AOCC as well as from other departments that comprise the airport community. The app gives a real-time snapshot of the airport status, from landside to airside, and provides all the latest updates from different business units. It can collect data from disparate systems to provide the best-known information.

As the main communication platform, it fosters collaboration, in addition to providing a digital record of all the communications and decisions made.

Built-in analytics help monitor operational performance as well as detect and predict irregularities, so stakeholders can make the necessary improvements and take corrective or preventive measures.

Smart Rules Engine

At the heart of tNexus Airport View is a smart rules engine that allows power users to configure notification channels and alerts on the fly. In other words, the app can be adapted to support the dynamic requirements of airports as and when required, without having to engage IT.

Seamless Integration and Built-In APIs

Our app is developed with state-of-the-art architecture and modern technologies to ensure seamless integration with your airport systems. And with the built-in APIs, you can swiftly implement your data integration needs to leverage your data.

Advanced Data Analytics

The app’s embedded machine learning and business intelligence are programmed to make the most out of your operations data. They enable you to identify areas for improvement as well as predict operational challenges based on historical data, so that you can make the necessary actions before unwanted scenarios arise.

Key Features

Provide a mobile, single point of truth and enhance your airport communication

Monitor and analyze operational performance on the go

Customize the user interface and experience for enhanced usability and productivity

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