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A New Breed of AODB for Modern Airport Operations

tNexus AOS is a flexible, high-performance, and cost-effective aviation platform that uses modern technologies to solve the biggest operational challenges of airports.

Conventional AODBs are not fully equipped to tackle the challenges of aviation today

Not all components are built with the same attention to details, resulting in underdeveloped functionalities
  • Limited customizations, static alerts, and inflexible data models
  • Inadequate message parsing capability
  • Lack of mobility
  • Data inconsistencies

Conventional AODBs, being a monolithic system, don’t leave much room for agility and dynamic changes as requirements evolve. In other words, modules within a monolithic system are tightly coupled, and customization in one module can impact the entire system. Such customizations also require change requests which are time consuming and expensive.

Conventional AODBs are sold as a bundle and offer no freedom and flexibility for airport operators to purchase modules as per their business needs.

Bundled systems and integrations mean that airports cannot access their own data and utilize them to innovate without the involvement of the vendor.

tNexus AOS is an aviation platform designed and built for the 21st century

tNexus AOS is comprised of specialized systems designed around your specific operational needs, so you get state-of-the-art functionalities and eliminate the need for workarounds.

Our AOS offers the most advanced features and functionalities. It has a flexible rules engine that lets you derive better value from your system, such as custom operational alerts and data quality checks that are tailored to your specific requirements. You can leverage our built-in APIs for all your airport’s data integration needs. You can expand your data models with the help of machine learning and predictive analytics embedded in our platform. And so much more.

It enables your airport to invest more flexibly, by letting you acquire systems as per your operational and business requirements. And it lets you customize or upgrade each system independently.

While each system serves the full purpose of a standalone application, they are designed to complement one another and seamlessly work together to deliver even more innovative features.

The suite is built to communicate using the IATA AIDX standard, making it easy to integrate with other subsystems in your airport when required.

tNexus AOS

Optimized at the product level to help you do more

tNexus AOS is a modern aviation platform that uses cutting-edge technologies to solve the biggest operational challenges of airports.

It is an ACDM-compliant solution consisting of loosely coupled modules that address specific problems and business requirements.
Our aviation platform enhances real-time collaboration among different stakeholders, enables on-time performance (OTP) and predictability, and helps deliver positive passenger experiences across the airport.

It does so by equipping stakeholders with advanced functionalities, improved usability, and the highest quality operations data, so they can steer through any operational situations that come their way.

Benefits and Advantages

Manage flight data, airport operations, and business processes dynamically and flexibly

Get the highest level of message parsing and data extraction available in the market

Provide a holistic view of the airport status to all stakeholders, from ground staff to the airport management

Validate and clear flight data for billing, analysis, and reporting while flights are still in the operational time window

Uncover business insights with our built-in, modern analytical engine

High-performance solutions to optimize your airport operations

tNexus AOM
Managing flight data and airport operations is complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Our highly configurable, ACDM-enabled system aligns with your business processes so you can improve the predictability and punctuality of your operations.
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tNexus Message Hub
Don't miss or lose important operations data. Our state-of-the-art message parser can process over 30 different IATA Type B and ATC messages off the shelf, and even handle messages with deviations as well as custom data elements.
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tNexus Airport View
Get a holistic and real-time view of your airside and landside operations in the palm of your hand with our dedicated mobile app.
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tNexus DQCS
Maintain the highest quality of flight data for finance and operations. Our aviation-centric data quality check system will help you easily flag and capture data discrepancies and take corrective measures while flights are still in their operational time window.
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