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A Flexible and Adaptable Airport Operations and Flight Data Manager

tNexus Airport Operations Manager (AOM) is a highly-configurable, ACDM-compliant airport operations and flight data manager that helps operators stay on top of their inbound, turnaround, and outbound activities.

Conventional AODBs are rigid, and they get in the way of operational excellence

Airport operations is a complex process encompassing multiple stakeholders from various business units in an airport. Sometimes, it even extends to include operators from airlines and the air traffic control tower. This is why it is essential to have a flexible and adaptable system that can meet the varied and ever-evolving needs of different airport functions.

However, with conventional AODBs, it is the operators who have to adapt their business processes to the system, instead of making the system work for them. They have to perform workarounds to achieve their desired results.

tNexus AOM

Achieve new levels of operational efficiency with tNexus AOM

tNexus AOM is a highly-configurable, ACDM-enabled airport operations and flight data manager that helps operators stay on top of their inbound, turnaround, and outbound activities.

It processes all updates received from integrated systems and aviation messages, then applies the necessary business logic to provide operators with an intuitive interface where they can manage flight data and movements in real-time.

The system is designed to help airports achieve on-time performance by equipping operators with a wide range of advanced and customizable functionalities that enrich their data sets, optimize airport processes, and improve the predictability of events.

Benefits and Advantages

Helps achieve common situational awareness and collaborative-decision making

Offers a centralized, real-time interface to all flight data elements, including the tracking capability of the 16 standard ACDM milestones

Provides timely and accurate data

Continuously presents flight schedule updates to make sure that operators always get the latest information

Enables effective intervention of operational exceptions

A smart and flexible rules engine allows operators to create unlimited alerts tailored to their unique and specific needs

Enhances user experience and productivity

Provides various customizations that streamline the individual user’s workflow and optimize their operational processes, e.g. configuring and generating alerts as per business needs; advanced filtering, grouping, and sorting of flight data for custom and shareable views; and many more

Auto-linking of flight movements

Automatically generates inbound to outbound flight linkages based on derived calculations

Guarantees the availability and reliability of data

Users can manage new and unlimited data sources on-the-fly and assign their priority settings for each source

Improves the predictability of events

Built-in machine learning and on-the-fly derivations allow airports to expand their data model and enrich their existing data sets

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