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Navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with tNexus Airport View

Resuming airport operations during a pandemic brings about unique challenges in air travel.

Now more than ever, common situational awareness and collaboration are key to providing a safe environment for passengers and airport stakeholders alike.

Our state-of-the-art mobile app, tNexus Airport View, can provide you with the information and communication tools to help you navigate these unprecedented and unpredictable times.

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Create custom COVID-19 notification channels

With tNexus Airport View, power users can create special channels and push unlimited alerts on important COVID-19 related topics.

For instance, they can create a channel on flights originating from red-flagged countries.

They may also create a channel about the status of medical assessment facilities across the airport. Here they can send out timely notifications reporting potential cases detected and any additional response guidelines. 

Another possible application is to publish a channel where the latest news about the pandemic can be shared with all relevant stakeholders.

Integrate with the passenger monitoring system, thermal scanners, and contact tracing app available in your airport

Our mobile app can connect to the crowd management and/or fever detection system available in your airport and present the latest KPIs and measurements to all stakeholders.

If no sensors are currently available, DTP works with Xovis, a leading provider of person tracking technology, and we are able to manage and implement end-to-end tracking solutions on their behalf.

Xovis sensors can monitor the distance between passengers, thus helping ensure physical distancing is being adhered to.

Using our app, terminal managers can monitor passenger flow in real-time, no matter where they are.

Monitor physical distancing at various airport touchpoints

Using data from Xovis sensors, tNexus Airport View applies additional analytics and presents the physical distance indicator or PDI in the app.

Visual cues alert the users if the acceptable PDI level has been or is close to being breached.

It also provides historical data to give users an indication of the typical PDI levels for the current hour.

A virtual assistant for your flight data queries

The tNexus chatbot uses machine learning technology to receive and answer flight data queries in natural language.

It is especially useful for airport management who wants to get real-time flight information without having to comb through the app, as well as for operators who want to get information quickly without having to leave the screen they are on.

Share complete flight details with the entire airport community

By sharing the same information typically confined within the AOCC, your airport will be able to streamline the pre-screening of arriving flights as well as the sharing of key information with the airport management, the health department, and other relevant business units.

Terminal crews, for example, would have immediate access to the departing station, expected number, and arrival time of passengers. Armed with this information in advance, they would be able to follow SOPs in place for certain flight origins in a timely manner. They would be able to plan and direct passenger flow more efficiently, thus preventing any congestion.

Publish a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the COVID-19 outbreak

Publish a COVID-19 SOP right within the app to provide quick access to employees and to guide them to respond in the right manner, in any given circumstance.

Report issues on the spot

Allowed airport staff can report any issue on the spot, with the help of the built-in reporting function. They can take and attach photos as well as provide details and description for further action.

For example, staff can report potential COVID-19 cases or highlight the risk of contaminated areas.

What is tNexus Airport View?

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It’s a mobile application that acts as the information backbone and messaging platform of an airport. It enables all users to achieve common situational awareness and smarter decision-making.

The app gives a real-time snapshot of the airport status, from landside to airside, and provides all the latest updates from different business units. It can collect data from disparate systems to provide the best-known information.

Built-in analytics help monitor operational performance as well as detect and predict irregularities, so stakeholders can make the necessary improvements and take corrective or preventive measures.

Access to the app can be extended to ground handlers and airlines, as well as police and immigration.

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