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About Airport View

DTP tNexus Airport View is a common situational awareness mobile app designed for high-ranking officials and mobile employees to access the same information available within airport operations control center (AOCC). These include all kinds of information ranging from airside to landside activities.

It is a medium for all airport stakeholders, from CXOs to ground staff, to access crucial and correct operations data in real time. The mobile app allows end-users to fetch the latest flight information and to get the latest alerts and updates.

In addition, users can track flights’ ACDM milestones and get the latest crowd management data updates and KPI breaches from the connected solution, if it is available at the airport.

Key Benefits

Full Mobility

Enables common situational awareness among all airport stakeholders, unrestricted by location or role


Easily integrable with other sub-systems to send notifications


Acts as a single communication platform for all airport employees

Key Features

Ability to trigger alerts and notifications using a dedicated rules engine or through API calls

Communicate with employees directly during emergencies and critical situations

Manage, configure, and create new alert topics dynamically through a dedicated web console

Plan staff availability for the busiest hours based on the latest information

Mark flights as favorites for easy tracking and subscribe to individual flight alerts

Built-in Analytics

Built-in analytical functions, such as the display of on-time performance and regularity indicator, provide operations with analyzed information that help them navigate emergencies and exceptional situations, and assist them in uncovering potential irregularities in the upcoming hours of operations. Access can be granted to airline and ground handler representatives and employees to ensure that all airport stakeholders have the same information which lead to a much smoother operation, especially in emergency situations.

Airport View mobile app is the perfect companion to high-ranking airport officials and employees on-the-move who have difficulties accessing real-time operations data.